600 tourist facilities in operation across Maldives

The Ministry of Tourism has revealed that 600 facilities which provide services to tourists are currently in operation in the Maldives.
Statistics publicized by the Tourism Ministry show that 142 resorts are now operational in the Maldives, contributing 32,930 beds to the national bed capacity. In addition to this, 11 hotels make up 1,458 beds, and 134 safaris add up to 2,588 beds to the country's total bed capacity. 313 guesthouses operate 5,930 beds in the country. The Tourism Ministry calculates that there are 42,906 beds currently in operation all over the Maldives.
Guesthouses operating across the country were closed on 15 October last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and as pf eased restrictions noted by 25 January, 47 guesthouses are now in operation across 15 atolls in the Maldives.
Six guesthouses in two islands of Haa Alif atoll,
Two guesthouses in one island of Haa Dhaal atoll,
One guesthouse in Shaviyani atoll,
One guesthouse in Noonu atoll,
12 guesthouses in five islands of Baa atoll,
138 guesthouses in nine islands of Kaafu atoll,
71 guesthouses in seven islands of Alif Alif atoll,
37 guesthouses in eight islands of Alif Dhaal atoll,
24 guesthouses in four islands of Vaavu atoll,
One guesthouse in Faafu atoll,
One guesthouse in Thaa atoll,
Two guesthouses in one island of Laamu atoll,
Two guesthouses in two islands of Gaaf Dhaal atoll,
Nine guesthouses in an island of Gnaviyani atoll,
Six guesthouses in three islands of Seenu atoll.
Maldives halted issuing on-arrival visas to tourists, on March 27 due to the escalating situation of the ongoing pandemic and nearly four months later, reopened borders for international travel on July 15.
At first, tourist establishments such as resorts and liveaboard vessels were given the green light to begin operations.
Guesthouses outside of the Greater Malé Region were permitted to resume operations on October 15. Authorities allowed the reopening of guesthouses in the capital region on December 14.
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