Foundation stone laid for Kaashidhoo city hotel

Foundation stone, of K. Kaashidhoo’s 50-bed city hotel, has been laid on Sunday.
Home minister Azleen Ahmed laid the foundation stone, during a ceremony held in the island.
The project, given to Sea Cross Maldives Pvt. Ltd., is to be completed within 24 months. The hotel will be constructed on an area of 200,000 square feet.
Speaking to VNews, Kaashidhoo Council’s President Esa Khaleel said the hotel is the first step under efforts, by the council and the tourism ministry, to introduce tourism in the island. He said it would create additional means of income for the island community – largely dependent on agriculture.
He said, as per the agreement, 75 percent of the hotel’s employees has be Kaashidhoo residents, out of which 20 percent has to be women.
The land allocated for the hotel has been given from the south-western side of the island, away from the residential area.
The 276-hectare island has a population of over 2300 people.
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