Civil Court dimisses PPM's case against Pres declaration over "India Out" campaign

Maldives Civil Court has dismissed the case filed by opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) challenging the declaration released by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih banning anti-India campaign.
The court dismissed the case over default since the claimant failed to present themselves to the court hearing.
PPM filed the case on claims of the declaration being unconstitutional.
The court on Tuesday, had dismissed the case when advocates representing the opposition party failed to comply with attending the preliminary hearing.
Local courts have the discretion of dismissing cases of complainant parties fail to present themselves to the court of summoning without probable or valid reason.
The opposition-led anti-India campaign intensified to the point of local law enforcement stepping in to remove banners with 'hate speech' from several residences including former President Abdulla Yameen's residence.
The banners were removed through an issued court order, which the Maldives High Court declared was an unlawful move.
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