State delays MDP case against EC

High Court has postponed the hearings of the case submitted by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) over the issue of nullified candidates for upcoming Local Council Elections. The hearings were initially tabled for today.
High Court media official reported the hearings were postponed on request from the prosecution, which had requested additional time. The official also reported the next hearings will be held on Thursday.
MDP filed the case stating the decision by Elections Commission (EC) to invalidate their candidates had flouted the electoral laws. The case noted that the candidacies were declared invalid after accepting candidates’ forms and had called on the Party to refile the forms following the decision to postpone the elections. The case had requested the Court to overturn EC ruling.
MDP had also filed for a stay order on EC ruling until a decision was reached through the Courts.
Elections Commission had initially accepted candidature forms of over 900 candidates, for the Local Council Elections. The Elections were initially scheduled for the 14th of this month. The Elections were delayed following the Civil Court ruling to postpone it by two months.
Civil Court reached this decision, after the faction of Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) led by President Abdullah Yameen filed suit to postpone the elections. The Local Council Elections will now be held on 8th April.
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