Fenaka: Working to restore water supply to Addu by today

Fenaka Corporation, attributing the disruption of water supply in the linked islands of Addu City to damage to an RO plant’s VFD drive, has stated that they are working to resolve the issue by today.
The water supply to Addu islands was cut off Thursday evening in a sudden outage.
Fenaka, which provides the service, said a replacement VFD drive has been acquired, adding they are targeting to air freight the drive to Add City in a flight bound from Male’ City at the earliest.
The company also apologized to the inconveniences arising from the outage.
Addu councilman Ahmed Saeed who spoke to Sun regarding the outage on Thursday said the residents of the islands were deeply inconvenienced by the outage, with water unavailable for drinking and in bathrooms.
“I bought mineral water from a shop to bath my son to take him to school today,” said one resident who spoke to Sun.
Addu is the most populous city in the Maldives after Male’ City, with some 12,000 residents.
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