President Waheed was aware of plans to throw me to the masses for torture: Nasheed

Former President Nasheed said last night that a group of people had plans to throw him to the masses for torture on the day the government changed, and that current President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik was aware of these plans.
Nasheed said at a Press Conference last night that that on the day he was forced to resign, some businessmen tried to arrange to give him “to the masses for torture in several minutes”. He said that such phone conversations have been recorded, but did not indicate where they are located. He said that he came to know of these plans while he was at the MNDF Headquarters.
Nasheed said that he was on the verge of death while he was being held at the MNDF Headquarters, and that the current President was aware of this.
“I am certain that Waheed knew that I was on the verge of death, and that plans were being made to give me to the masses for torture. The Vice President was clearly aware of this,” Nasheed said.
Nasheed said that his resignation on 7 February was forced, but he did not mention this in his speech at the President’s Office for fear of his life, and for fear of losing peace and order in the country. He said that this will be revealed when the issue is investigated.
“I did not mention that I was being forced to resign, because I was afraid of losing my own life, as well as the Constitution and peace and order in the country. Details of this will be revealed after investigations,” Nasheed said.
Nasheed also said that he does not remember consulting his cabinet before signing the resignation letter. He said that the issue is confusing as two people describe it differently.
He said that by the time he could consult his Ministers on that day, ‘there was nothing more that could be done’ and that he ‘had already been forced’.
Nasheed said that investigation of the transfer of power is necessary for the country’s history, and that he will ask a foreign group to carry out these investigations.
He said that the decision to ask a foreign group to conduct investigations into the ‘coup’ which led to the transfer of power was made after discussion within MDP. The matter will be assigned to a foreign group within one week, and they will conclude investigations within about one month. He however did not name this foreign group. He said that he is aware that foreign groups are interested in investigating the ‘coup’.
When asked if the matter will be submitted to a Maldives Court after these investigations, he replied that he will try to make use of the regulations established in the Maldives. He did not directly say that he will take the matter to court.
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