Migrant worker targeted in mugging; MVR 6K, phone stolen

A migrant worker had his money and mobile phone stolen in a mugging in Male’ City last Tuesday night.
The victim of the mugging has been identified as a Bangladeshi citizen, who was mugged by two men on a motorcycle as he walked down Orchid Magu.
Maldives Police Service says the mugging was reported to the agency at 10:50 pm last Tuesday.
The migrant worker had MVR 6,000 in cash and a mobile phone – which were stolen by the muggers.
Maldives Police Service reports the agency is currently working on locating the muggers.
The number of muggings and organized money heists has been on the rise in Male’ City this March. MVR 2.3 million was stolen from BHM Traders in a cash in transit heist on March 10, and MVR 2 million was stolen from MIFCO in a cash in transit heist on March 20.
Both heists took place in broad daylight.
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