Benioff and Weiss; Game Of Thrones’ end is in sight

Game Of Thrones based on George R.R Martin’s epic saga “A Song Of Ice and Fire” airing on HBO has become one of the most watched series in the planet.
Sean Bean in his GOT persona; Eddard “Ned” Stark.
With a record amount of 8 million views on the Season 5 premiere of Episode 1، one can be certain of how much people love this bloody، gore-fest of king killing king، slave killing master، imp killing his own father fantasy epic.
Boasting with dragons، witches، snowy-zombies، giants، assassins and warriors، Game Of Thrones is a unique dive into the fantasy realm. One that is completely opposite of J.R Tolkien’s Middle-Earth world.
Daenerys Targaryen portrayed by Emilia Clarke.
Now، we all are well aware of the series creators David Benioff and D.B Weiss having full detail of how the series would end (oh، how much I envy them for that!)، they recently received the WHEN of Game Of Thrones ending. Currently in Season 5، reports have affirmed that production for one more season is purely certain، but so far no soul has fluttered anywhere near to know the exact length of the series.
Banners of various Houses in Game Of Thrones series.
In a recent interview with entertainment magazine Variety، both Benioff and Weiss discussed the difficulties in bringing the saga to TV platform، re-telling their tale of how much they had to convince novelist George R.R Martin to amend and adapt the script to fit for a TV outing (hmm? that explains the unforeseen plot twists and deaths. Oberyn Martell، anyone?).
While giving the interview، they brought the revelation upon the topic of “the end” to which، they had stated;
“We’ve got a very definitive idea of how much longer it is، and we’re getting there. We’ve just started writing episodes for season six. I think we’re heading into the home stretch. Hopefully، we’ll have a clear answer soon.
We could go another four years — and we could come up with good stories — but the one thing that really got us excited when we pitched this to HBO was that this isn’t just a regular series. It’s a real story with a beginning، a middle and an end.
We know what the end is، and we’re barreling toward it. So the idea that we’re going to try and stretch it out by an extra couple years just because we’re all having a good time doing it and people are making money off it just feels like it would be a betrayal.”
It is clear that both producers do not have stretching the series towards Gunsmoke territories and neither do they wish to prolong the series until the audience loses interest and the series loses it’s panache.
Leader of the White Walkers.
The thing about Game Of Thrones is، its got the suspense، the drive، the story، and the unforeseen plot twists and the unexpected (and at most gruesome in sorts) killings of audience-loving characters.
The best thing about the series is; it has no single protagonist or antagonist. There is no bad or good، with all the characters showcasing bit of both، with some very righteous souls and at the same time very evil ones walking and popping up here and there in Westeros.
With this comes the news of how much would the series cover that of the books، for which creators had this to explain;
Benioff: Season five is still very much within the books for the most part. The very first scene of the season and the very last scene of the season are book scenes. It’s more season six that’s going to be diverging a bit.
We’ve had a lot of conversations with George، and he makes a lot of stuff up as he’s writing it. Even while we talk to him about the ending، it doesn’t mean that that ending that he has currently conceived is going to be the ending when he eventually writes it.
Weiss: It’s like looking at a landscape and saying، “OK، there’s a mountain over there، and I know that I’m getting to that mountain.” There’s an event that’s going to happen، and I know that I’m moving in the general direction of that event، but what’s between where I’m standing now and that thing off on the horizon، I’m not totally sure. I’ll know when I get there، and then I’ll see what the terrain looks like around me and I’ll choose my path once I get closer to it. He figures a lot of this stuff as he goes. He always says he’s a gardener، not an architect.
Soon there would come the day when A Song Of Ice and Fire series، book readers will run out of the chance to boss over the series watchers. In the mean time، viewers can only enjoy what is at their hand، so enjoy while you can. This will end، and you know it!
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