Adultery allegations on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih by Nasheed Sent to PG

Adultery allegations on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih by the Speaker of People’s Majlis and President of MDP Mohamed Nasheed,  has been sent to investigate to Prosecutor General’s Office. A letter regarding the issue has been sent to Prosecutor general Hussain Shaheem by National Lawyer Ahmed Talib.
The letter sent by Talib states that the allegations by Nasheed towards President Solih are aimed to constantly tarnish his Reputation, and it is a crime against the government and the whole country.
This had leveled after Nasheed’s brother was arrested with the allegation of having same sex relations. Nasheed has raised the allegations towards the president in a leaked conversation from ruling party MDP’s official whatsapp group, stating that he has gotten several pictures of President Solih committing adultery, threatening to leak it.
Since the release of his brother, Nasheed has refused to speak about his allegations towards the President, avoiding the questions about the topic altogether during his last press conference as well.
Talib has requested PG to send out an order to carry out a thorough investigation from all the relevant authorities.
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