President: Jaleel said I’d be taken to Aarah using force, if I protest

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom named Moosa Ali Jaleel in his statement to police over his alleged arbitrary detention during former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration; stating that Jaleel, who had been Chief of Defense Force at the time threatened that he would be taken to Aarah by force if necessary, if he protested.
The statement was provided to police by President Yameen September 29, 2016, and details his account of what took place.
President Yameen said he visited the former Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Nazim in his private residence G. Aabin in Male’ City at approximately 8 pm on July 14, 2010.
He said that while he had been visiting Ahmed Nazim in his home the television channel on was live telecasting a Maldivian Democratic Party event in Artificial Beach in which speakers were calling out for his detention.
President Yameen said that while he had been at Nazim’s, protestors had gathered near his residence at the time – G. Dhoovehi – and were throwing stones and water bottles at the house.
He said that Moosa Ali Jaleel had called within moments after the protest got violent saying he wished to provide Yameen with protection as he felt his life was in danger.
“But I said I did not want his protection and that if he wished to provide protection – he needed to protect my home where my wife and children were. Despite this, he kept repeating that there was no other way, and to go to the Maldives National Defense Force immediately,” said President Yameen in his statement.
He said that Moosa Ali Jaleel called him about five times, and he repeatedly refused MNDF’s protection each time.
“During Moosa Ali Jaleel’s last call, he said did not have another choice and said he was forced to smash down the door of where ever I was and take me by force if necessary. I did not want damage to someone’s property and so agreed to go to MNDF headquarters. When I walked out of G. Aabin at approximately 00:00 on July 15, 2010, MNDF officials were there in one of their vehicles.”
President Yameen said that he was then kept at MNDF’s headquarters - Bandaara Koshi - until dawn, during which time his attorney Aishath Azima Shukoor also arrived to the headquarters.
“I was kept at the MNDF headquarters and Moosa Ali Jaleel came there at dawn and said he wanted to take me to K. Aarah to provide protection, that there was no other way, and that I would be taken by force if I protested,” he said.
President Yameen said that he was taken to Aarah as he protested that no one manhandle him and take him there by force.
He said he was kept in a bungalow and ordered not to venture more than 100 feet away.
He said he still had his phone with him and called diplomats and ambassadors from various countries to relay information regarding the situation.
He said that during his nine days in Aarah, he was given only one or two hours to meet his family and 45 minutes to meet his lawyer.
President Yameen said arrangements were made in Aarah to accommodate his wife and children, and eventually allowed release after US diplomat at the time spoke to President Nasheed and Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed.
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