Bidding open for Land Plots from HDh. Hanimaadhoo Harbour area for Business purposes

HDh. Hanimaadhoo Council has decided to lease out land plots reserved for business in Hanimaadhoo Harbour area.
The council has decided to lease out eight plots of land from the island’s harbour area for a period of 25 years, and has open bidding for these land plots.
According to the announcement by the council, the information session regarding the bidding has been scheduled to be held at 1030hrs on March 13 at the Council’s Meeting Room, while the meeting to submit the bids will be held on March 24 at 1030hrs.
Moreover, council stated that only those who have registered their business with the Ministry of Economic and Development will be given chance to participate in the bidding for these land plots. And chance will not be given to submit bids for those who does not attend to the information session.
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