Aarah Case: State Witness Oblivious of the Incident

In the trial hearing today against President Yameen Abdul Gayoom over leasing of V. Aarah, the state witness Faseeh Zahir, an official who previously worked at the Legal Section of the Tourism Ministry revealed that he was at the time on leave and so, did not have any information regarding the case.
In today’s trial hearing, President Yameen’s Lawyer Uz Adam Shameem asked the state witness if he was aware of a letter sent by Ministry of Tourism to President’s Office regarding Aarah procedure and if he saw a document in relation to leasing Aarah by President’s Office to Ministry of Tourism.
In answer, Faseeh Zahir repeatedly said that he was on leave and so was unaware of such document. And after returning from his leave even, he did not see any such document, the witness said to court.
Faseeh Zahir further said that, he did not even see the lease acquisition cost, although the normal procedure was that before a lease agreement is signed, the lease acquisition cost is shown. State witness also revealed to court that MMPRC Managing Director at that time, Abdulla Ziyath handled all the money transactions.
After scheduling next hearing of the case on August 1st, Judge Ahmed Shakeel adjourned the hearing.
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