Male' Tenants' Union petitions for rent control

Male' Tenants' Union (MTU) on Sunday, filed a petition at the Parliament regarding rent control.
In addition to over 800 signatures, the petition was endorsed by Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain.
MTU noted an inadequate response from politicians and state institutions to tackle the issue of rent, adding that the matter requires immediate solutions. The organization also iterated its concerns for the lack of rent control regulations within the state proposed 'Tenancy Act'.
Minister of Housing and Urban Development Aminath Athifa also confirmed that the new legislation is not designed to control rent.
Statistics indicate that 63 percent of the resident population in capital city Male' live on rent.
The union was formed to advocate for the rights of tenants as a result of the growing challenges faced by many in the congested and competitive real estate market of capital city Male', including exorbitant rent price as compared to the average income of a household.
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