HIV scandal case pushed out of court

An official from Criminal Court who spoke to Haveeru said the case had been sent back to Prosecutor General’s Office due to insufficient investigation into the case proving to be detrimental to the trial. But that the presiding judge had decided trial would be held again once the case was properly investigated. State had pressed charges against Indian lab technician Rajesh Kakanatau Bhaskaran for the scandal which occurred in February, 2014. Press had been barred from the trial on the case, and the two hearings held on the case took place behind closed doors. Haveeru has been informed that Rajesh was being charged with ‘disobedience to order authorized by Shari’ah or law’, under Article 88(c) of the Penal Code. Where such disobedience is likely to cause death of a person, the offender will be subjected to exile or imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding MVR 1,000. Rajesh was being held liable by State for transfusing HIV positive blood into a pregnant woman, a patient at IGMH, on February 3. The hospital found out about the incident on February 19 and the information was disclosed to the public later, on February 26.
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