MNDF: Fewer incidents at sea in the last three days

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has said that the number of incidents at sea reported to the Coastguard has gone lower in the past three days. MNDF said that the incidents have gone down because the instructions being given by the Coastguard is being followed and for that, they expressed gratitude to the Maldivian people. Since the monsoon has begun with torrential rains, MNDF advises that travellers refer to the latest meteorological reports when planning their travels for the month of Ramadan. And so sea travellers must ensure that life jackets, communication devices and pumps are in condition and keep to the allocated level when loading cargo. Weather forecast upto 10 a.m. tomorrow: Scattered showers across the country Possible thunderstorms Wind speed between 10-20 mph 35 mph during showers Seas relatively rough In case of emergency at sea, MNDF urges to call the emergency number for the Coastguard 191 as soon as possible.
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