Sea Life Global scam: victims to hold 'walk of justice'

A “walk for justice” is to be held, seeking to expedite court case regarding the Sea Life Global scam which saw the company violating agreements made with locals to sell properties being constructed by the company.
The walk is to begin at 4:30 pm on Friday, in front of the Housing Development premises located in capital city Malé’s suburban extension Hulhumale.
Nafha Naseem, one of the participants of the event revealed that over 50 people are set to take part in the walk for justice.
Included in the bunch are some who had made payments to purchase properties from the apartments allocated within the first phase in Hulhumale, under the condition that the payment would be refundable at any time.
Some residents in Hulhumale continue to assert that the site allocated for the flats have been given to Rainbow company.
Nafha who is also one of the individuals who made the initial payments, said that many are being affected by the drawn-out case.
Prominent lawyer, Mariyam Shunana who represents 146 individuals that are yet to be refunded, said that the case is in the court’s dispute resolution stage. She assured that the current government is working to bring a solution in the near future.
Complaints regarding the housing scam was filed by the lawyer at Maldives Police Service and the Anti-Corruption Commission as early as October 2018.
The five-year project between the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and Sea Life Global was announced back in 2014 and is a joint venture between the company and two Dubai firms. Under the agreement, Sea Life was tasked with developing 3,000 housing units and offices, they had earlier announced several dates on when the flats would be completed. Work on the construction of these flats however, are yet to commence.
In March, the presidential inquiry commission on asset recovery began investigating the housing scam by Sea Life Global.
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