Sea Life is being investigated for corruption

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has issued an investigation to the construction company Sea Life Global.
This investigation is being carried out to discern if there has been any act of corruption in their agreement to build 3,000 housing units in the Maldives.
Sea Life has taken an ample sum of money from the citizens, yet construction has not started. Due to this, a case has been filed to the court against the company.
ACC also stated that it is not in their mandate to investigate the communication between customers and Sea Life. Due to that reason, there has not been any investigation by ACC. The case regarding the money is being handled by the Maldives Police Service.
The report contains the issues regarding Sea Life Global and was published on 14 January 2019. It has been presented to the Police and the special commission formed by the President, which investigates cases of corruption.
The heads of Sea Life have fled after taking large sums of money from people, under the guise of booking fees and advances.
Sea Life was provided with the land for the construction of 3000 buildings on 13 March 2014. The foundation for the construction was placed in April by the former President, Mr Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom. The Managing Director of Sea Life was Mr Ahmed Moosa Mohamed.
The over 200 people who have invested in Sea Life have all presented their cases to the court.
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