Housing minister promises to give flats to 'every single individual' that applies

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced that every single person to have submitted their application forms to acquire flats in the government Housing Scheme “Hiyaa”, will receive flats.
Muizzu made this announcement while speaking to attendees at a ceremony to launch a plan for the second phase of Villimale, held in Dharubaaruge on Thursday night, where he also conferred President Abdulla Yameen’s assurance to the citizens that those who have submitted their application forms and those who submit them by the 30th of September will be given flats under the “Hiyaa” housing scheme.
While the administration is to give out 7,000 flats under this housing scheme, Muizzu revealed that the ministry has received 18,000 flat forms thus far. However, he did not reveal how the ministry is going to manage the distribution of flats among all applicants.
While the government is to launch a plan for phase II of Villimale, two days prior to the Presidential Election, the development scheme aims to provide housing for 315,000 citizens.
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