Pakistan invites Defense minister and speaker of the parliament

A Pakistani news paper reports that the Maldivian defense minister Tholath Ibrahim and the Maldivian parliament’s speaker Abdulla Shahid have been invited to Pakistan by the defense minister of Pakistan and by the chairman of Pakistani senate.
Associated Press of Pakistan reports that the prime minister of Pakistan, Yousuf Reza Gilani has mentioned the importance of visiting a high level Maldivian delegation to the country while speaking to the visiting special envoy Ibrahim Hussain Zaki.
The news paper also reported that the Pakistani prime minister said that such a visit would help to strengthen the trust between the two countries.
In the meeting held in prime minister’s residence in Islamabad, Pakistani prime minister said that Pakistan is eager to strengthen regional ties, and expand trade.
Special envoy of the president, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki asked the Pakistani businessmen to get the opportunity of investing in the Maldives.
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