Maldives have become the voice of small island nations: Dr Ali Naseer

Secretary, Multilateral at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Ali Naseer Mohamed has said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has become the spokesperson of the small island nations with the role he undertook at the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).
Speaking on a programme aired on PSM News, Secretary, Multilateral Ali Naseer said the administration is working significantly to strengthen the foothold of Maldives in the international arena. The diplomat said the participation of a Maldivian head of state at UNGA after many years has poured in praise towards President Solih from the international community.
Ali Naseer said the speech President Solih delivered has reignited hope amongst the heads of small nations. In his speech, the president produced several political arguments of the small island nations. Maldives have now reassumed its leadership role in representing small island nations in the international for a, according to the secretary, multilateral. He further said the international community accepts the efforts of Maldives in protecting the environment and the solutions proposed by the president are deemed valid and sound by the bigger political powers.
Secretary, Multilateral Ali Naseer said Maldives is working to present itself in various international platforms to strengthen its power in the international arena.
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