Meekail requests PG to deny Parliamentary approval for Minister Haidar

South Galolhu constituency MP Meekail Naseem has appealed to the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) parliamentary group (PG) to refuse parliamentary approval for the newly appointed Housing Minister Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed.
Meekail alleged that the minister's comments in yesterday's press conference regarding housing in the Male' area demonstrates a plan to deprive citizens of housing in the capital.
"In yesterday's press conference, the Housing Minister himself admitted that the current administration lied that day just to win the election," Meekail alleged.
"Do not issue a three line whip to vote green for this Housing Minister. I, myself, will definitely not vote to approve this Housing Minister," the MP declared.
Meekail condemned the Housing Minister's statement yesterday that the incumbent government will not honour the land and flats granted up until the second round of the elections. He pointed out that President Muizzu had previously claimed in campaign speeches that he would not withdraw any land or flats granted by the previous administration.
Housing Minister Haidar said in yesterday's press conference that the list of recipients of flats under the Gedhoruveriya scheme need to be reviewed in light of the multiple complaints received regarding the validity of the points allocated to applicants, as well as the ongoing investigation into the matter by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). The minister confirmed that the list will be reviewed after taking into consideration the advice provided by the ACC.
Meekail said that it would be a bad move to relocate Male' residents to a location far away from the capital, reached through crossing the Vaadhoo sea.
He described the government's actions as an attempt to deprive Male' residents of housing opportunities.
Meekail appealed to MDP and other party MPs to refuse parliamentary approval to such ministers, calling on MDP to not issue three line whips in matters of minister approval.
He claimed that Minister Haidar does not have the approval of South Galolhu constituents, as well as that of other Male' residents.
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