Statements retaken in sexual abuse case of Imam in 2006

Police have begun work to retake the statements of the victims of sexual abuse by an Imam who was also their teacher in an island in the central region of the country 13 years ago.
The case, first flared up in 2006, and after ten years in court, it was ruled that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict the Imam on November 1. The families of the victims as well as the victims themselves expressed concern at the court ruling. Some of the victims have now turned 18.
Some of the families of the victims spoke to “Sun” and stated that a Police team and a Gender Ministry team was working on the case in the island. The father of one victim said that the authorities tried to retake the statement of the victim to find out the condition of the victims now.
“I asked what was the purpose of retaking the statement. They replied (authorities) that it was for life support and to find out the condition and mental status of the victims now.” said the father. However, the victim was not ready to for the statement to be retaken, according to the father.
The Imam was not convicted due to a lack of evidence in three of the victims’ cases. However, it is known that around six fell victim to the Imam. The prosecution has now appealed the case in High Court and the Parliament’s Human Rights and Gender Committee is also investigating the matter.
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