President, Speaker extend Republic Day greetings to India

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed have extended their greetings to India on the occassion of the nation's 72nd Republic Day.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih offered Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath of India warm greetings on the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day of India, further extending his greetings to the people of India as they celebrated the beginnings of modern-day India following the enactment of the nation's constitution.
Speaker of Parliament and Former President Mohamed Nasheed also extended his best wishes to the Maldives' closest allies in the region, offering Republic Day greetings to Prime Minister Modi, the government and the people of India, describing the state of democracy in the nation as one that delivers prosperity to its over one billion inhabitants.
Tuesday saw India celebrate its 72nd Republic Day, which honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950, marking the nation's transition into a newly formed republic.
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