Translation: ‘President Nasheed’s devious plot to destroy the Islamic faith of Maldivians’

The following is an English translation of the minority opposition Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP)’s pamphlet, which this week triggered successive attempts by the government to arrest two senior members of the party and sparked a debate on freedom of expression and hate speech in the Maldives. The original can be downloaded here (Dhivehi).
President Nasheed’s devious plot to destroy the Islamic faith of Maldivians
This book was prepared by the Dhivehi Qaumee Party in consideration of the devious plans of this government to erase the age-old holy religion of Islam from the hearts of Maldivians, provide opportunities for religions other than Islam and demolish the religious unity and faith of Maldivians. The book sheds light on the government’s actions against Islam so far.
The high honour accorded to Islam
It is certain that the religion we have followed without wavering for over 800 is the true religion and the last religion revealed by God Almighty. In verse five of the al-Maida Surah of the Holy Quran, God reveals, “[…] and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. ” [The book erroneously states verse five when the correct verse is three].
And in verse 19 of the al-Imran Surah, God reveals, “The only religion approved by God is Submission [Islam].”
Constitutional role of Islam in the Maldives
The Maldives is a nation based on Islamic principles. Islam is the state religion. Islam is the main basis of Maldivian law. No law contrary to Islam can be enacted in the Maldives. Only Muslims can be citizens of the Maldives.
Even the fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution can be protected in a manner that is not contrary to any tenet of Islam. No one has the right to commit any act that is forbidden under Islamic Shariah. Freedom of expression is provided to citizens as long as it is not used in a manner contrary to any tenet of Islam.
Submitting to Islam, obeying and inducing love for it is encouraged in the education system.
The constitution does not stop at according with fluent phrases a high status for Islam. Article 67(g) of the constitution obliges all citizens to preserve and protect Islam. This constitutional responsibility is entrusted the most to the head of state as the nation’s ruler.
Degree of Islamic faith in the Maldives when Nasheed took office
Religious matters had not been handled ideally when Nasheed took office. We had to spend over 19 years without a Dhivehi translation of our most sacred book, the Holy Quran. Permission to give sermons and counsel was granted to those who shared the government’s thought and philosophy.
People were locked up and punished over issues like Qunooth [invocation in times of adversity] where scholars of different sects disagree. Beards of religious scholars were shaved with chilli sauce.
Although the head of state was an al-Azhar University-educated scholar he was saying openly that penalties clearly stated in Islamic Shariah were unsuited for the times. In addition to saying that matters like wearing the veil were not compulsory, he showed it to the people in deed through his wife and children.
Nasheed’s golden opportunity and how he used it
Nasheed became the ruler of this Islamic state on November 11, 2008 through the hard work and prayer of many political, religious and social organisations as well as many sincere citizens. Who among us has forgotten Sheikh Ilyas [Hussein’s] emotional prayer in the pouring rain on the last night of the second round of the presidential campaign?
Nasheed had a golden opportunity to take all of those individuals and groups along, change the way religion was treated before, strengthen Maldivians’ Islamic faith and spread the bright light of Islam all across the country. However he missed this golden opportunity. Instead of strengthening the Islamic faith of Maldivians, he tried to weaken it. Instead of preserving the Islamic identity of Maldivians, he worked in ways that would allow other religions on this Maldivian soil. Instead of aiding Muslims and the Islamic ummah (community), he tried to please adversaries of Islam and aid them. As a result, the state of affairs has deteriorated to the point where we question whether our over 800 year-old Islamic nation would remain an Islamic nation. Today, visitors to our country have been encouraged to challenge our religion, Shariah and constitution in the most high places of this Islamic state.
Nasheed’s big project to wipe out Maldivians’ religious identity
Since assuming office Nasheed has been working ceaselessly to weaken the Islamic faith of Maldivians, allow space for other religions, and make irreligious and sinful behaviour common. And to show that necessary characteristics a ruler and senior officials of an Islamic state must possess are not important, to reduce ties and relations with Muslims and Islamic nations and foster relations with adversaries of Islamic nations.
Weakening the Islamic faith of Maldivians
From the day Nasheed took office to the present day, he has undertaken many efforts to weaken the Islamic faith of Maldivians, especially the younger generation of Maldivians. Below are some of these efforts,
Allowing other religions
Considering the actions of Nasheed’s government, the goal of this government from the start has been to allow religions other than Islam. Below are some of these efforts,
Making alcohol common
The Prophet says in a Hadith that alcohol is the mother of all evils. And God reveals in verse 90 of al-Maidha surah: “O you who believe! Intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), gambling, Al-Ansab , and Al-Azlam (arrows for seeking luck or decision) are an abomination of Shaitan‘s (Satan) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful.”
[Consuming] alcohol is even a crime with a punishment prescribed in Islamic Shariah. Those who commit this crime would not fulfil the requirements for head of state, minister, MP or senior post of the state. And if such a crime was committed as an official such a person must be removed from the post.
Nasheed and senior officials of his government show in words and deeds that alcohol is good and that it is something Maldivians should accept. Below are some of these matters thus noted,
Helping the Jews instead of aiding the poor people of Palestinian
From the days when Israel came into being in 1948 to the present day they have been brutalising the Palestinian people and, aside from committing massacres and war crimes, they are enslaving the people. Since 2006 Gaza where many millions live has been blocked from land, air and sea and all its inhabitants enslaved and locked up. Nevertheless after coming to power Nasheed’s main priority was fostering ties with Jews. To this day Nasheed’s government has done a lot of work to form close ties with Israel. Among these include those listed below,
Carrying out activities against Muslim nations
While on the one hand establishing closer ties with the biggest adversary of Muslims, Nasheed’s government was turning hostile towards Muslim nations. Below are some of Nasheed’s government’s actions in this vein,
Making sinful behaviour common
Considering the form of Nasheed’s government’s actions, it appears that the standard for raising the government’s stature and becoming familiar with the post is shamelessness, increasing sinful behaviour and shaping your lifestyle any way you please. Below are some of matters to be noted in this vein,
The Prophet has said that if you lack shame, you would do anything you pleased.
Becoming modern and ashamed of being Islamic
Nasheed and senior officials of his government endeavours to try and show Maldivians and make them believe that the way of Maldivians and Muslims is outdated. Nasheed and senior officials of his government are working ceaselessly towards this end. Below are some of the matters thus noted,
Christian priests as Nasheed’s consuls
Opposing the punishments of Islam
Nasheed has created doubt in people’s hearts about clearly stated punishments in Islamic Shariah and opposed such punishments. Below are some of the matters noted thus,
Bringing scholars into disrepute
Nasheed and Nasheed’s government has characterised the Maldives as a nest of terrorists and Maldivian scholars as terrorists. Below are points noted thus,
The state of the country at the end of Nasheed’s big project
Considering the direction of Nasheed and his government and the speed of travel, if this government’s direction and speed is not defeated, there is no doubt that Maldivians would have to face the bitter consequences noted below,
What should be done to be freed from Nasheed’s plotting
Under divine law, God Almighty has given us the opportunity to change our condition. Allah reveals in the Holy Quran, “Verily! Allah will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves.”
Let us resolve in the right way to change our condition.
islam, islam, islam, islam, islam, islam, islam, islam, islam, islam, islam, islam...............not much else happening in the BORING Maldives it seems. Very sad that islam needs to be constantly 'protected' by the mad mullahs and 'religious scholars' (yeah right) like Dhivehi Hangyourself and rammed down the throats of the people.............not surprising that so many Maldivians end up living in India and Sri Lanka.............anything to get away from this unhealthy preoccupation with intolerant sunni must be hell for christian, buddhist and secular Maldivians living in the Taliban Republic of Maldives.
So glad I was born a hindu!!
There are literally no words to describe what is happening in this country.
Not so much WHAT is happening, but the MANNER in which it is happening.
The above document blatantly portrays lies as facts. It smacks of hypocrisy, two fascism.
Opposition activism is fine. It is all politics in the end, and even that is fine.
However, there seems to be a serious confusion in the direction people need to take, and this is characterized by the knee jerk reactions by a variety of elements.
The economy is suffering and Maldives is alienating itself from the international community. After these actions, it is losing the ability to be taken seriously.
Its funny that minivan news, a government propaganda news website spend all their time translating this one! Adhaalath Party was not extremists when they were part of the govt, but now they are. what a pathetic joke
Skeptical Inquirer I agree with you. We have to defend the change. We have to take a stand against all who want to fail this government. We cannot hand over our country back to the people who ruined our country.
These Iththihadhees don't know that, what they are doing will backfire them later.(if they ever get into power)
I request everyone to document what they are saying and doing for later evidence.
The text that is here in an English language version is a political broadcast on behalf of a certain political party in the Islamic Republic of Maldives.
The writers of this article love the status quo, and more than that, they are backward looking.Our island-republic will not benefit from their activities.
No country remains the same; or rather, no country should remain the same throughout its country.From Gayoom to Nasheed was a good step in itself; but we should not be satisfied with what we have. We must always seek improvements in our system of governance.
This may even require the replacement of Nasheed with somebody else.However, there is one good thing Nasheed has stood for; and that is freedom of speech.
Let us use this freedom of speech to develop our country, and not to destroy it.
Mr Gayoom never said Maldivians are not fit for democracy. He is too shrewd a politician to say that. What he said was that he can come to power even through a free and fair democratic election.
Let us not allow Mr Gayoom's sweetest dreams, and day-dreams, come true.
God bless the Maldives.
willman (UK), Yes, how can you make people bend and prostrate to a religion by law but Mr. Willman that is exactly whats happening in Maldives and in so called Islamic states.
I really don't know Arabic, but I have read so many translations of Quran in English and I am absolutely so sure that people who lives in Islamic states can never be following the true religion of Allah.
Simply there is no compulsion and don't hurt your neighbor or don't dis-troy your neighbors property.
I have lived in Sri Lanka and right now I live in England, as we all know we are so free to do what ever we want in these countries and to obey the commands of Allah and not transgress his orders in these countries is submitting to Allah.
Making the religion Compulsory is not acceptable and such Muslim with a board on the beard saying am a Muslim will not make them Muslims.
IN England I am told all varieties of Booze are available, pork, girls, gambling, boys all available, all kinds of worshiping houses, what ever your heart desire is available and I am still able to live and perform my religious duties without any transgression mention in Qur'an.
Hence as willman (UK) says who is a better Muslim, a guy who lives in Saudi Arabia or in Maldives or in England or in Sri Lanka???
Qur'an says in very clear terms there is no compulsion in Religion.
and to Adaalath Party and specifically to Dr. Jameel and that crab Ahammadhi, Man you want to go to heaven, please do, we have no problem, we will find our way to paradise our way, don't try to drag us to your paradise your way, it becomes too much of a blood shed with your way.
All the political parties in this country are guilty of using religion as a political tool to promote their point of view at different times.
This includes MDP who called Maumoon an atheist and accused him of 'erecting a temple' in Four Seasons Landa Giraavaru just a few years ago. This was in fact in relation to a stage back drop erected by the resort during an event held by Billionaire Phillip Green to celebrate his 50th birthday.
During the last Presidential campaign, MDP and DRP accused Dr. Hassan of being a heretic for writing a book (co-authored with his brother) where it was alleged that Dr. Hassan has called for the freedom of religion.
Adhaalath Party which includes most of the religious fanatics has been a coalition partner of this MDP led Government until a few months ago. And during this period, they had become more emboldened and radical than ever before in the past.
During the election period MDP was accused of being backed by Priests and Christians and some times jews.
And now again, it is MDP that is at the receiving end of various accusations. Some of it I must say is very much due to MDP's attitude rather than anything else, meaning the approach used in dealing with a low educated public on religious related issues.
The result is that today, a large majority of the people do indeed believe that MDP and the government do have an anti-islamic agenda. So instead of attacking the politicians who are spreading such hatred, Nasheed should try to improve his image amongst the public.
But then, that would require Statesmanship!
Some anti-islamic items banned in the Maldives:
1. Dogs (Enough similar species amongst us)
2. Pork (why eat Pork when we can eat turtles)
3. Liquor (cause we prefer heroin).Besides its better that we import them ourselves and sell to you.
4. sex toys (we are erotic enough).
5. Idols of religious worship (we are simple islanders and quite frankly the very thought frightens us.) and yes, its good politics.
But man, this is paradise and a playground for all. Don't listen to the crap in the news, just come and enjoy! Anything and everything goes in the Maldives - see it before it drowns!
Why people are so afraid that islam will fall apart in Maldives if people are free to choose?This is a complete lack of faith and forcing people to follow a path through a constitution is itself a against human rights!!!
@ indira newdheli - go f*** your self. be a hindu and rot in hell.
Amazing that Sandhaanu Didi has the gall to say such things regarding alcohol when he sent his son Faisal Ahmed Didi to India and all the boy did was drink, fornicate and do drugs. This is who he is. How can such a person speak for a country when his own flesh and blood is so evil in the face of Islam?
you know what can put an end to this abuse of religion by all parties? SECULARISM! can it coexist with islamic culture? ofcourse, if there is one to begin with that is. even in a secular democracy the powers will originate from people, and if the majority are muslims (which i believe will be the case, not many will leave islam even if it is legal)...then the laws will reflect islamic principles and shariah law itself can coexist with secular principles really. that is if we base all our laws on shariah principles while maintaining secular principles as well. you will be surprised how they dont contradict each other with a progressive liberal interpretation.
Helpong the Palestinians by asking them to sponsor 9 Maldivian student to study? Well, what is more wromg than squeezing a people who live in refugee camps! The religion of these Seykus of Jahaalath Party follow form of a cult similar to Children Of God.
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