The Democrats secure Minority Party status in Parliament

The Democrats has been declared the minority party in the Parliament.
Previously comprising three MPs, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed announced during Tuesday's Parliament session that an additional ten MPs had registered as members of The Democrats.
The composition of parties in Parliament now stands as follows:
MDP - 56 members
The Democrats - 13 members
PPM - 5 members
PNC - 3 members
MNP - 3 members
MDA - 2 members
JP - 2 members
Independent - 3 members
Nasheed further declared that Ali Azim, the Parliamentary Group Leader of The Democrats and Henveiru Central MP, is now the Minority Leader of the Parliament.
This change has brought changes to the debate allocations for political parties and independent members. Nasheed said he would seek approval for the changes to the composition of standing committees as a result of the change.
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