Transport: Steps will be taken against those negligent in accidents at sea

Transport Authority has said that there is an increase in accidents at sea due to traveling without considering the weather and if such an incident takes place due to negligence, steps would be taken against those responsible.
The Transport Authority issued a statement today saying that large number of people are ignoring the warnings advice by relevant authorities on traveling in the bad weather these days.
It said that the incidents at sea will be investigated looking at the cause of the incidents. And that step would be taken against those found negligent.
And so if captains are responsible, their licenses would be suspended according to the Transport Authority. And that appropriate steps would be taken against the owners of the vessels as well.
The Transport Authority said that since sea transportation always involves some level of risks, safety measures must be taken at all times.
Since it’s the Eid Holidays and bad weather these days, Transport Authority issued a statement on Wednesday as well.
The statement on Wednesday said that it is illegal to keep cooking and other types of gas cylinders, cement bags, wood, dangerous chemicals, unpacked tuna and other items that would hinder passengers at the passenger area of a cargo boat.
And if pregnant women, children and disabled people are on board, those operating the vessel must know full information on them.
Transport Authority has said that if an extra deck is being added to a boat to carry passengers, stability calculations has to be made and approve a permit from the Transport Authority. And if it is done without a permit, people must be kept at the top deck according to the Authority.
They said that on a boat dedicated to passengers, anything other than their luggage cannot be carried on board. And said that passenger placing has to be made with taking the travel time into account, at a place acceptable for passengers.
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