Indulge your sweet tooth with the new chocolates crafted at Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu resort, renowned for its luxury hospitality now offers chocolate bars hand crafted at the resort itself, using top tier criollo coco beans.
The chocolates aptly named “Laamu Chocolates” will be a delicacy unto itself, the Resort says.
Six Senses Laamu says that the chocolate bars will be available in exquisite and unique flavors, infused with dried fruits, nuts for those who love the old school pallete while they will also offer one particular chocolate bar with spicy habenaro pieces for those who are more daring.
Criollo coco beans are renowned for being the most expensive, hard to find yet exquisite cocoa beans. The beans usually found in South America, Caribbean and Sri Lanka has a less bitter taste than normal cocoa beans, with a perfectly rich taste.
Six Senses Laamu says that they got into making their own chocolates as part of their “Eat with Six Senses” philosophy. All resorts, hotels runs by Six Senses brand across the world follow this philosophy which aims to ensure all their food and drinks are sourced through natural ingredients, which are produced in a sustainable manner in their own farms and ensuring minimum waste, for a more holistic and healthy lifestyle.
Six Senses brand was recently brought under Intercontinental Hotel Group, IHG as part of a merger. Six Senses Laamu is the first resort to be opened in the Atoll in Maldives.
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