Parliament seeks clarifications from Education Minister on academic calendar shift

Education Minister Dr. Ismail Shafeeu has been asked to present himself to the Parliament for questioning regarding the government's plans to revert to the traditional January start for the academic year 2025.
The Maldives' academic year currently begins in August, a change made by former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in 2021. It is a presidential pledge of the current President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to revert to the January start, as was the practice in the Maldives in the past.
The parliament inquiry, initiated by opposition MDP's Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam, marks the first summons of a cabinet minister from the new government for parliamentary questioning. Rozaina Saturday said parents have significant concerns over the plans to shift the academic year. Therefore, she is seeking information on how the government intends to bring about the change, she said.
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