Namal Rajapaksa: Maldives will benefit from Lankan tourism development

Eldest son of former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Member of the Sri Lankan Parliament, Namal Rajapaksa says that the development of tourism in Lanka will benefit the Maldives and the Asian region.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Assistant Editor of Sun Online, Ibrahim Mahil, Namal said that the country is looking for a progressive future.
“We are looking for a progressive future. A government that would that would keep the nations security as the highest priority,” stated Namal when asked about the upcoming presidential elections of the country this December.
During the interview he highlighted that the development of the tourism sector of Sri-Lanka will have beneficial effects on the tourism of Maldives.
“If Sri-Lanka can develop its aviation sector and promote cruise ships to come into Sri-Lanka it will effect the Maldivian tourism as well,” stated Namal.
He also added that “its 50/50. If a tourist visits Maldives he will definitely stay in Sri-Lanka for one or two days. That’s how its been working for last so many years,”
Additionally, Namal expressed that the development that Sri-Lanka is looking for is not only development of Sri-Lanka, but the development of the whole region.
“We believe that as individual countries, what we deliver to our people will have a strong effect on our regional development as well,” He said that the instability in one nation will affect the other countries of the region and that “this is globalization as it is now and it is unstoppable,”
In addition to these, during this exclusive interview, Namal vocalized his distrust in the foreign policies of the current Sri-Lankan government as well as their failure to stop and protect the nation from the Easter-Sunday bombing.
Moreover, he encouraged educated young adults with broader mindsets to come into politics and the system of the regional politics should change. He expressed the importance of staying true to one’s self and the importance of geo politics.
He also advocated against political victimization and encouraged politicians to spend time with their people and understand them.
Namal advised young politicians who are new to the platform to “be patient with your people. Get ready for criticism and accept them with a good heart. Learn from your mistakes,”
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