Investigation of Chief Judge case to conclude without Nasheed

Police have said that the case following the arrest Chief Judge of Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed (Judge Abdulla) will be submitted to Prosecutor General’s (PG) Office without former President Mohamed Nasheed’s statement, as Nasheed has refused to cooperate on this matter.
Police Media Official Sub-inspector Ahmed Shiyam said today that Nasheed was given the chance to provide his statement at anytime that was convenient for him, but he refused to make use of this opportunity.
He said that no exceptions will be made in terms of people involved in this case, and it will be the responsibility of PG Office to prosecute the people involved.
Former Defence Minister Thalhath Ibrahim Kaleyfaan was summoned and questioned by the Police, but no action was taken against Nasheed. Even though the Court issued a warrant to arrest Nasheed and Thalhath for this investigation, the Police did not act on this warrant.
Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz said that based on situation, he has the authority to let certain cases go. The case will however be submitted to PG Office and justice will be obtained through the court process.
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