PPM elects Gayoom as interim president, Yamin as Parliamentary Group Leader

Dozens of people queued outside Dharubaaruge before the meeting, causing a delay in starting the meeting scheduled for 8.30pm. Attendees voted in favour of Gayoom, who was the sole candidate contesting for the interim president's post, while all the 14 members of the Parliamentary Group gave their consent to Mulaku MP Yamin. The party elected Umar Naseer, Mohamed Hussein 'Mundu' Shareef, Aishath Azima Shakoor, Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim, Ahmed Farish Maumoon, Aneesa Ahmed, Maz Ahmed Saleem, Ibrahim Nazim, Rashida Yousuf, Aishath Shiham, Ahmed Siddiq, Dr Abdu Samad Abdulla, Mohamed Nimal, Asma Rasheed, Ibrahim Muaz Ali and Ahmed Naseem to its 31-member interim council tasked to officially represent the party. The 11 Parliamentary Group members elected to the interim council include Abdulla Yamin, Ahmed Mahloof, Mohamed Mujthaz, Ali Arif, Abdul Muhsin Hameed, Ilham Ahmed, Ahmed ‘Red Wave’ Saleem and Dr Afrasheem Ali. Meanwhile, 803 votes were received in favour of the party's charter, which requires the interim council to hold the election within six months, while the manifesto was approved with 722 votes. PPM further endorsed magenta as its official colour with 603 votes and a logo, which consists of a palm tree and a crescent, was approved with 751 votes. Ahmed Mahloof and Hussein Mazin, who is currently studying for Masters in Graphics Designing in Sri Lanka, designed the logo. The former President spoke at the conclusion of the meeting saying that the party "doesn't belong to anyone" but "is a party of each and every Maldivian". PPM is working for the sake of the nation and the religion of Islam, he added.
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