MBC to sue Finance Minister for withholding its budget

The Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has declared it will sue Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz for withholding its annual budget approved by the parliament for the year 2011.
The parliament-created MBC and the 100 percent government corporation the Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) have been engaged in a long-running tug-of-war for control of the assets of the state broadcaster, formerly Television Maldives (TVM) and Voice of Maldives (VoM).
The government contends that the MBC board is stacked with opposition supporters and that its attempt to gain control of MNBC is effectively a media coup, while MNBC has been criticised for favouring the ruling party. Proponents claim that given the opposition’s influence over private broadcast media the consolidation of media ownership in the hands of a few opposition-leaning MPs, the government has no alternative.
Even the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has waded into the debate at the behest of the Maldives Journalists Association (MJA), in support of MBC and an independent state broadcaster.
In a statement issued yesterday the MBC said that the corporation had been unable to pay rent for its office building as well as other bills, and had been fined as a consequence.
“MBC decided to sue the Finance Minister after informing the ministry about all these issues and repeatedly seeking to solve them, but the ministry has failed to explain why the budget was withheld,’’ the statement read. ‘’The MBC has been unable to find a solution to this through the parliament and Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC).’’
The MBC said the court was the last resort after exhausting all other avenues.
Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz told Minivan News that he did not wish to comment on the matter.
The MBC was formed by a law enacted by the parliament, which attempted to force a transfer of MNBC’s assets to the new corporation.
The MBC won its first suit against the government on June 12, with the Civil Court ordering that all the assets and staff including the land of MNBC was to be be transferred to MBC within 20 days.
However, the government claimed that the MNBC was a private TV station and that as long as the MNBC board opposed the transfer of assets and staff it would be violation of the corporation’s rights.
Now the government has appealed the Civil Court’s ruling in High Court on July 6, which ordered the Civil Court’s decision be delayed pending a final ruling.
Meanwhile Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed said last week that staff at the former Television Maldives (TVM) and Voice of Maldives (VoM) could not work with the parliament-approved MBC board.
Responding to a question by a journalist at a forum organised by the Maldives Media Council (MMC) on July 25, Nasheed explained that the MBC Act was intended to transform the corporatised state media into a public broadcaster but the board voted through by opposition MPs was engaged in “political football.”
“Everything went right, but because of those who were chosen for the director’s board, the whole thing turned into political football,” MP Nasheed said.
Fighting for a lost cause!
Inaz should answer in the court.
I am waiting for the day we settle things related to this government without having going to court.
@Rocket, don't wait too long as rocket fuel doesn't last long! And do something constructive while it lasts!
Maldives Broadcasting Company (MBC) is a political party media wing. i.e DRP media wing. Mr. Manik, head of MBC is a raw DRP activitist! During the Presidential and Parliamentary elections he was openly campaigning for DRP zaeem! Manik is not a professional person for anyone who knows him. I worked with him in TVM and Dhivehi Rajjege Adu!!
moosa? two points, and MNBC is a political media wing of MDP and is not openly campaigning for President Mohamed Nasheed? I dont care for either MDP or DRP or any other P for that matter. i am so dissapointed in this government, everyone has to obey the rule of law......court in nimmeema dhen eyah respect nukurevey sarukaarakah dictatorship ekey ves kiye ulhey
All this does not make any sense,..
Not too me..maybe m too narrow minded?hmmm
1. Any pple in the country r suppose to join one or the other party to make sure elections are performed...atleast voting goes on.
2. Now accusing that this is DRP HQ; that is MDP HQ when we all know that this and that person are also enlisted in this and that party...
The only solution i have is; to have 2 pple in each position (1 DRP & 1 MDP) and then there is this saying goes..."eh dhoniga 2 kappinnakah nuthibeveyne" so LOL & lots of LOL.
we seriously need reforms..yes..and for? Management...the whole of them ministers and cabineteers needs to go for management training. this whole thing makes me wanna puke
and forgot one thing....which also means that we should have a plan to double high salary incomes if the case is to have 2 berserks run one ministry/department.
Obviously more jobs for the community (community that is considered the community) and ofcourse as a side effect...less funds for the civilians. hmmmmmmmmm
I think we all, every single Maldivian citizen, agree one one thing - this government has failed.
Let us see who is the most viable candidate for 2013.
We do not have to feel ashamed for allowing the current administration to play around with our government. We were duped. Its not our fault. President Nasheed was never the popular choice. He just lied and cheated his way to where he is. Thank god we all agree to oust him now.
Since ever in Maldives history did parliment made a State own Enterprise (SOE)?? When the DRP lead group wants it, it has to happen? rules?? where was u when gayoom broke all rules? I hope finance minister never release the funds!!
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