Nasheed to submit case to Supreme Court, against being forced to resign

Former President Nasheed has said that he believes that his lawyers will submit a case to the Supreme Court against him being forced to resign from the post of President of Maldives.
“I hope that my lawyers will come to the decision to submit the case to the Supreme Court. We to have a team of lawyers who will work on this,” the former President said while talking to reporters at his family residence G. Keneryge.
Former Attorney General Husnu Su’ood said in an interview with TVM that the current government can be charged if it can be proven that Nasheed was threatened or forced to resign. If these allegations are true, it is the Supreme Court that will investigate this case.
Husnu Su’ood said that a President’s resignation cannot be confirmed before his letter of resignation is received by the Parliament President.
Article 121 (a) of the Constitution states that if a President wishes to resign from his post, he must express this in writing and submit the letter to the President of the Parliament. The receipt of the letter by the Parliament President will confirm the President’s resignation.
Former President Nasheed said today that he did not send any letter of resignation to the Parliament.
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