Earthquakes in Northern Moluccan Sea and Diego Garcia, no threat to Maldives

The earthquakes in Northern Moluccan Sea, Indonesia and Diego Garcia pose no threat to Maldives, predicts the Maldives Meteorological Service
MET on Sunday revealed that the tremors felt in Deigo Garcia at around 8:37 this morning was at least 971.1 kilometers away from the Maldives.
Further, the earthquake experienced in the Northern Moluccan Sea in Indonesia at around 9:37 this morning was also 5,881 kilometers away from the Maldives.
As such, the department predicts that these earthquakes pose no threat to Maldives.
The earthquake struck Diego Garcia, part of the Chagos Archipelago extending north from the Maldives, with a 5.2 magnitude and the one in Moluccan Sea with a magnitude of 6.6.
In addition, Indonesia also experienced tremors with a magnitude of 5.4 at around 6:31 on Sunday morning.
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