Isu Arrested Due to Rilwan’s Case

Social media activist Ismail AbduhRaheem – Isu was arrested as a suspect in the case of journalist of Minivan News, Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla’s disappearance in 2014.
Isu was arrested yesterday morning under a court order while in a café at Carnival Area.
Isu’s colleagues stated that he went to police station requesting to be arrested instead of home, to spare his wife and children the fear of the of being arrested in front of them. But police wanted to arrest him in riot gear at home, they said.
Ismail AbduhRaheem yesterday shared on social media that when he heard rumors of police request court order to arrest him, he went to police and inquired but police had denied the claim.
Speculators accuses that Ismail AbduhRaheem’s arrest was a cover to change the focus regarding the leaked explicit documents videos of government senior appointees.
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