Passports of Nasheed and Thalhath released

Police have released the passports of former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Defence Minister Thalhath Ibrahim. Their passports were being held to prevent them from leaving the country.
Police Media Official Sub-inspector of Police Ahmed Shiyam said today that their passports were held due to ongoing investigations related to them. Their passports are now released as Thalhath has been summoned to the Police regarding these investigations. Also, as Nasheed had refused to cooperate with the Police, there is no further information to be obtained from him.
“The passports are released as there is no more information we need to clarify from them,” Shiyam said.
Police wanted to summon Nasheed and Thalhath to their office regarding the arrest of the Chief Judge of Criminal Court, Abdulla Mohamed.
The Court complied with Police’s request to issue a warrant for the arrest of former President Nasheed and Thalhath. Thalhath attended the Police station last Sunday following a Police notification to do so, but exercised his right to remain silent throughout the inquiry. Former President Nasheed has not been questioned on this issue.
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