Policy established to register children born in foreign conflict

Department of National Registration (DNR) has published a policy on registering children born in foreign conflict zones.
DNR stated children born to Maldivians in foreign conflict zones can be registered in the Maldives. The department stated the children can be registered after a court case is filed to determine the origin of their birth. It also stated the parent or an attorney can submit a request to register the child's birth at the parent's residential island or city, after receiving approval from the court.
Furthermore, the policy states the parent or an attorney should disclose the ruling of the court along with the request to register the birth at the relevant local council. Upon registration of birth, the parent or an attorney is required to provide the relevant information to DNR to receive the birth certificate. The relevant authorities have revealed that children have been born to Maldivian militants participating in foreign conflicts and there have been challenges in bringing the children to the Maldives.
The government has also established a rehabilitation centre for Maldivians returning from foreign conflicts.
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