HDC offers final notice of compensation pay-outs for Sea Life fraud victims

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has offered the final notice for the victims of the Sea Life Global fraud case to claim compensation pay-outs.
HDC said the individuals who had settled payments must submit requests for compensation pay-outs by November 12 along with payment receipt and agreement. The notice also states that no further requests to claim compensation pay-outs will be entertained after the due date.
Previously, HDC has said a further 189 individuals have asked for compensation in addition to the 203 individuals included in the verdict of Civil Court to be compensated for being victims of a housing scandal in Maldives.
On September 17, HDC opened opportunity for victims of the Sea Life Global Inc. Private Limited fraud case to come forward to seek compensation. HDC said 189 individuals have come forward asking for compensation when the deadline closed on September 26. HDC is now evaluating the documents before finalising the candidates who are subject to the compensation.
Sea Life Global was contracted by the previous administration to construct 3,000 housing units in Hulhumale'. The company has also taken booking fee and down payments from individuals in violation of an agreement with HDC. However, the project to construct the housing units did not commence and 203 individuals who have made payments have been asking for compensation, with several cases also filed at the courts of law.
Moreover, HDC have also signed a settlement agreement with Sea Life Global to compensate the 203 individuals who have made the payments. The decision to pay USD 12 million owed by the state to Sea Life Global to facilitate the pay-out have met with wide criticism from the public. HDC has also decided to provide housing units to the 203 individuals from the ongoing housing projects conducted in Hulhumale'.
Meanwhile, Managing Director of Sea Life Global Ahmed Moosa Mohamed has fled the country. Interpol has also issued a red notice for his capture.
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