Education Minister summoned by Parliament over changes to academic year

As the government has decided to change the new academic year, Education Minister Dr Ismail Shafeeu has been asked to appear in Parliament regarding this.
The request to question the minister was made by Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam. She said parents are concerned about what will happen to their children's education when the new academic year is moved to January in 2025
Therefore, she said, she has requested to question the minister to find out how this is going to be done.
The current academic year will end in June next year. Rozaina is asking the ministry to clarify its views on students' studies during the period between the date and the new academic year.
It is a long-standing custom in Maldives to start the new academic year in January. However, schools were closed and students' studies were postponed for six months due to the COVID 19 pandemic. After that, in 2020, the new academic year was set to officially start during the middle of the year in early August.
It is one of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's presidential pledges to change the start of the new academic year in January. While some support this, some parents have expressed concern and dissatisfaction.
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