President says that Nasheed

President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has answered repeated claims by former President Mohamed Nasheed as to how his regime came to an end, by saying that Nasheed’s statements were contrary to the truth of the matter.
According to reports from the President’s Office, the President told BBC Radio program ‘Today’ that Nasheed’s claims were false.
Speaking at ‘Today’, a program visited by more than a million all over the world, President Waheed said that any party that wished to look into how the presidency shuffled would be most welcome, and that former President Nasheed resigned on his own, after choosing to do so. The President also said that he became new President following Nasheed’s resignation as it was his duty in accordance with the constitution of the country.
Nasheed has repeatedly claimed that his presidency was brought to an end on the 7th of this month illegally. Nasheed had to resign from office, after the Maldives Police Service, and later the Maldives National Defence Force, sided with prolonged protests staged by the people against Nasheed’s government’s repeated violations of the nation’s constitution and laws.
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