Minister of Finance: Government needs Tax Money to provide Basic Services

Minister of Finance Hon. Ahmed Inaz said that a state is there to provide its people with four basic services and the government needs tax money to provide that services.
Speaking in the ceremony held to celebrate the first anniversary of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA), Minister said that Education, Protection, Justice and Welfare are what a state should provide to its citizens, and to provide that the government needs tax money. He also said that therefore MIRA is doing an important work.
“State has to spend and use resources always to provide these services. Developing countries today have believed that Tax System is the foundation for getting that resource. A state can only be operated with taxation. Then only we can provide the basic four services,” said the Minister.
Minister Inaz said that he hopes MIRA and its employees would always work hard regardless of the political pressure they face every day. He also guaranteed the support of the Ministry to MIRA always.
Minister of Finance has also launched the new logo and the website of MIRA. MIRA was established on 2nd of August 2010.
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