Conditions under which Nasheed resigned can be investigated, says PG

Prosecutor General Ahmed Muizz has said that there are no legal hindrances to conducting an investigation into how former President Nasheed was forced to resign on the 7th of this month, after prolonged protests against his government. In a Statement issued today, the Prosecutor General said that he is of the opinion that a body that has legal jurisdiction over the matter may conduct investigations into the circumstances in which Nasheed had to resign, if he holds onto the claim that he was forced to do so unduly and inappropriately.
Prosecutor General’s Statement also made it clear that the assumption of presidency by Nasheed’s Deputy Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, following the former’s resignation, would be perfectly valid. “According to Article 121 (A) of the Constitution, if the position of the President becomes vacant due to any reason, his Deputy would have to step in and fulfill the vacancy, and become the new President”, read the Statement.
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