Two locals who arrived from China quarantined in Maldives

Two individuals who have travelled from China have been quarantined in Maldives.
Ministry of Health revealed although no symptoms of coronavirus, Covid-19, were seen from the two persons, they were quarantined to follow the protocols and the precautionary measures in place. The health ministry did not reveal any further information regarding the individuals quarantined.
As per the protocol currently followed by Maldives to prevent a coronavirus outbreak, any peson arriving in Maldives after travelling to or transiting from China must be quarantined for a period of 14-days.
Meanwhile, Health Protection Agency (HPA) has issued a travel advisory for seven countries due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Covid-19, across the globe. HPA stated the agency has been informed the virus has been found from people who have not travelled to China and the virus is spreading in some countries in Asia. The agency said people travelling to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Iran and Italy have to be cautious.
At a time the administration is also taking various precautionary measures, HPA also called on the public to avoid large gatherings.
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