Nasheed urges taking Finance Minister to trial

Former Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has urged the initiation of a trial for Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer, alleging his involvement in criminal activities.
Raising a point of order during the presentation of the Supplementary Budget for this year and the State Budget for next year at today's parliamentary session, Nasheed, who resigned from the Speaker position yesterday, said that Minister Ameer has been accused of crimes.
Nasheed said the Public Finance Act stipulates the dates for submitting the budget to parliament and noted that processes are being turned around for political purposes. He argued that the Finance Minister, facing accusations, should not be allowed to challenge the parliament, stressing the need for a trial in the current circumstances. He further underscored the significance of preserving the powers of parliament in accordance with established norms.
"They are twisting things around for political purposes. The system of the Maldivian state, Mr. Speaker, should not be compromised. Sending the Finance Minister to trial is the most important thing we have to do at the moment," Nasheed said.
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