China becomes the largest market for Maldives tourism

Ministry of Tourism has revealed the highest number of tourist arrivals to Maldives was from China in the first 9 months of the year.
Chinese arrivals increased by 3.7% with 230,349 tourists arriving in Maldives by September as compared to the 222,107 arrivals in the same period of last year. The total number of tourists from China represents 18.4% of market share, according to statistics released by the ministry.
Indian holiday makers have become the second largest market for Maldives tourism industry with some 115,507 arriving in Maldives which is a staggering 105.1% increase compared to Indian tourist arrivals in Maldives the previous year. India had a market share of 9.2% last year.
The third largest market of tourists was Italy with 97,375 Italian tourists arriving in Maldives in the first 9 months, which represents 7.8% of the total visitors to Maldives this year. Italian tourists also increased by 31.7% this year, compared to the same period last year.
Maldives has seen the largest arrivals from European continent with 594-thousand-657 tourists visiting Maldives by September this year. The number represents 48% of the total arrivals to Maldives.
Asian continent represents 43% of the market with 535-thouand-026 tourists visiting Maldives.
Meanwhile, 61,113 tourists arrived in Maldives from the Americas, which is 5% of the market.
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