Nasheed admits to not alerting UK authorities on missing phone

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has admitted that he did not file case with UK authorities over his stolen phone.
A message passed on by Nasheed’s daughter to Deputy Speaker Eva Abdullah earlier this month said that Nasheed’s phone was stolen by a person, while the two were having lunch in a restaurant. She had also asked the MPs to block the number. Nasheed’s daughter works in an animation studio called Studio aka.
Dhiyares contacted London Metropolitan Police to inquire if such a case was filed. Police reported that no such case had been filed.
With this revelation, Dhiyares posed the same question to Nasheed in the press conference he had held on Monday. In response, he claimed that he had requested the High Commission of Maldives in the UK to report the case.
However, he had refused to confirm that he filed case in Police. He said Police had other serious businesses to attend to and did not wish to bother UK Police. He said that any data and sensitive information was secure.
He brushed off the queries, claiming that it was a ‘temporary inconvenience’.
Nasheed’s phone was reportedly stolen mere days after he made an accusation of an extramarital affair on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. He made the claim that he had photographic evidence of this affair.
Nasheed’s accusation came after his brother Nazim Sattar was arrested on charges of homosexuality.
Nazim Sattar has been released from Police custody, following reported discussions between President Solih and President Nasheed. With this, Nasheed’s tune has changed somewhat, attempting to gloss over the accusations.
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