Labour Party files complaint with ACC against Home Minister

Labour Party of the Maldives has filed a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) against Home Minister Hassan Afeef, claiming that he had exercised undue influence in using the Maldives Police Services to stop the workings of Island Councils in K. Thulusdhoo and Sh. Funadhoo, last February. The complaint was officially filed with a complaint letter submitted to ACC on Thursday, last week. The letter stated that Afeef ordered the police to terrorize the people and stop the workings of legally-elected councils ultra vires with no authority to do so, and that the police interrupted the performance legal duties of the councils under his undue influence. The letter also noted that some senior officers of the police who refused to carry out the illegal orders from Afeef were suspended from police service and “asked to remain at home”. Labour party claimed that Afeef’s actions were calculated to utilize the Maldives Police Services and government resources in furtherance of his own agendas, and that his actions should subject him to legal action under anti corruption laws of the country. It also said that the orders issued by law courts and the statement issued by the Police Integrity Commission against the actions of the police were also proof that they had acted beyond their lawful authority. In March, the High Court of the Maldives supported court orders issued by Funadhoo Court and Thulusdhoo Court asking the police to refrain from interrupting Council operations. The Labour Party under the leadership of “Red Wave” Saleem which had long worked with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in a coalition has now terminated its alliance with MDP.
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