I will not hesitate in doing what I need to do as Commander-in-Chief of Military, says President Nasheed

President Mohamed Nasheed said today, that he would not hesitate to do what he needs to do as Commander-in-Chief of the Maldivian military, and that he would do so honestly.
Speaking in today’s edition of MDP’s daily gatherings under the theme “You Cannot Say That”, President Nasheed said that in countries like South Korea, the military had played a decisive role in the democratic transition period.
“What each and every institution of a state has to do in a period of transition to democracy can be seen from the history of various nations, and we need to take our lessons from those examples”, said the President.
The President said that “keeping the courts on track” is a very important thing, and that his Government had, since its inception, tried to do that. He also said that his administration had sent letters to the Judicial Service Commission complaining about the shortcomings of the judiciary, and that all those complaints had gone unheard until very recently.
The President said that he would try to “reform the Maldivian judiciary” as long as he stays in power as President, and that his responsibilities as Head of State would be executed with perseverance, patience, and wisdom.
“I give the people the certainty that I will do whatever I can to reform the Maldivian judiciary, as long as I am in this office. I will do what I have to do at any time, and make decisions that I must take at any time”, said the President.
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