Pakistan donates 69 laptops to Maldives

The Government of Pakistan has donated 69 laptops to Maldives.
The laptops were received by the Minister of Education Dr. Aishath Ali at a ceremony held at the Ministry of Education. The laptops were handed over by the Ambassador of Pakistan to Maldives Vice Admiral Retired Waseem Akram.
This is the third time the Pakistani Government has donated laptops to Maldives. The laptops will be gifted to students who excel in their studies, according to the Ministry of Education.
Speaking at the ceremony held, Education Minister Aishath Ali expressed hope Maldives will receive further such donations from foreign countries. The minister revealed Pakistan government will provide Maldivian government with sporting equipment as part of the effort of the administration to develop students who are educated and healthy.
Meanwhile, Pakistan Ambassador Waseem Akram affirmed Pakistan will always assist Maldives in its endeavors.
The laptops were donated under the programme initiated by Pakistani Government named Jinnah Laptop Scheme.
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