No one can rule by seizing nation's arsenal: Ex-President Nasheed

He also said that the notion of taking over the state’s arsenal to take control of a government was a “long lost tradition” and that his government was toppled by the security forces in a “coup”. “You cannot control the people with tazers, pepper spray or batons today, that day had long gone,” ex-President said. “Most people love their independence and detest oppression and brutality.” He said that a ruler does not own the government and it can only be achieved by arresting the people or when there are no people left, adding that a ruler must earn the love and respect of the people. MDP would restore its rule, not by force but by the votes of the people, “I ensure that we will come back to power, we will establish fair rule, we have the wisdom, patience and courage to do this, we will not back down, and we will encourage each other and overcome any obstacles that we face during this journey” he said. Nasheed also called for the immediate release of all those apprehended from across the nation during the past ten days including councilors of some islands. The power attained by apprehending the people and torturing them will bring no good to the people and “the days of iron fist rule in Maldives had long gone” he added. Referring to the protest organized by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Nasheed said that it was an example to the whole world that the Maldivian people will not stay and watch while the light of independence fades into oblivion. Nasheed also urged the security officers not to resign from duty due to their discontent over the transition of power. “I also know that there are numerous officers who would refuse to go against their will, we saw that last night (day before yesterday), everyone is entitled to their own free will and forced labor is not something imposed in this country,” Nasheed said. He said that though the MDP backed government had been toppled, supporters should not be disheartened as he would always stand by the people. He said that they reached this far through the advocacy of peace and that “patience and faith will once again lead them to victory”. He expressed hope that a date for early presidential election will be announced tomorrow following discussions scheduled for today.
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